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Map of Rajputstan

Map of Rajputstan


About us
Who we are

What is Rajputana ?
Introducing Rajputstan

Flags of Rajputana
Historical Flags

The Indian Flag does not represent Rajputs !
Historical Flags

Independant Rajputstan
Why RLFS demands independance


Scythic Origin of the Rajput Race
Excellent Book on Rajput Racial Origins


Kshaharata Coinage
Excellent Site on Sakastan coinage

Indo-Parthian Coinage
Good site on Indo-Parthian Coins

The Indo-Parthian Kingdom
Short historical article

House of Suren-Pahlav
Large historical website

Okan Research Info on Sakas
Short entry on Sakas

Coins of Ancient and Medieval India
Nice exhibition at Calgary Coin Co.

Secessionist Links

Gujarat Swarajya Sangh
Gujarati Secessionism

Maratha Rashtra Parishad
Maratha Hindutva Secessionism

Dalitstan Organisation
Good site on Dalit Secessionism

Mughalstan Research Institute
Mughal Secessionism