The Indian Flag does not represent Rajputs !

Indian Flag

On 15 August 1947 the Brahmin-dominated Congress under Pandit Nehru the Brahmin adopted the familiar horizontal tricolor of orange, white, and green with a blue Ashoka Chakra at the center. The orange-saffron color represents the Brahmans and Brahmanism, the green represents Islam, the white represents peace and the blue Ashoka Chakra represents the Buddhists. But where is the yellow to represent the Rajputs and our Sun-God ? Where, indeed, is the yellow in the flag ?

For the Brahmin-Occupied-Government, the Buddhists who form less than 1 % of the population of India are more important than the Rajputs who form 10 % ! It is for this reason that the Rajputs feel offended by the Indian flag which does not represent them at all.

Additionally, the saffron, indicating the Brahmins and Brahmanism, is at te top of the flag, indicating the racial supremacy the Brahmins had established over the conquered races. A black region to represent the Sudroid Negroes (Dalits and Dravidians) is also missing.

Long Live Rajputana !
Jai Singh

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