Independant Rajputstan

The need for a sovereign, and independant Rajputstan is often questioned by sceptics. The following compelling reasons necessitate the formation of a Rajputstan state :

Destruction of Rajasthani Language

Ever since the establishment of the neo-Brahminist state in 1947 under Pandit Nehru, the Rajasthani language has been targetted for complete destruction. The alien Sanskritic Devanagari was enforced upon the helpless Rajputs, whilst the ancient indigenous Rajput Marathi script was slowly choked to death. Now, our Mahajani only survives in remote regions. A large number of Sanskritic words were enforced upon the Rajputs, leading to a suffocation of the Rajasthani language. Finally, Rajasthani was declared a dialect of Hindi, meaning that the very language of the Rajputs had been taken away from them. Indeed, the Brahmin-Occupied-Government still refuses to accpet that Rajasthani is or even ever was an independant language.

This has not been the result of `cultural death', but has been the cumulative result of fifty years of Brahminist policies involving ruthless Khari Boli Hindi enforcement and bigoted Sanskritisation.

If this continues for fifty more years, there shall be no more Rajasthani language left. For this reason, RLF demands and independant Rajasthan - a Rajputana.

Annihilation of Rajput Royal Families

Pandit Nehru and the Brahminists abolished the Rajput royal families in the 1950s under the ruse of establishing a `democracy'. The noblest of the Rajput races had their properties and wealth confiscated, their lands stolen and their very livelihood snatched away from them. Several prominent Rajputs were in fact secretly poisoned after having been imprisoned by the Brahmin-Occupied-Government. Slowly, the Rajputs were destroyed and their independance taken away.


Rajasthan has abundant natural resources, especially mineral riches. These are concentrated in the mineral-rich Aravalli mountains, which abound in all mannter of minerals such as iron ore, copper, emeralds, garnet, wolframite, etc. Indeed, in the case of lead-zinc, asbestos, calcite, gypsum and soapstone the state possesses a near monopoly in South Asia. However, this astronomical natural wealth has not led to any improvement in life for the inhabitants of Rajputana. The reason is simple: the wealth is simply taken to Delhi and never returned, being squandered on the costly nuclear arms race with Pakistan, continuous `counter-insurgency operations' in Kashmir and sheer corruption. The costly and bulky Indian Army gets the lions' share of Rajputana wealth, and Rajput blood flows most freely during any war. Thus, Rajputana bleeds doubly whenever any war takes place. It is Rajputana mineral wealth which finances the planes, the ships, the Bofors guns of the army, and it is Rajput men who man these posts. Yet, despite the incredible sacrifices which Rajasthan has made for Bharat, the state remains in grinding poverty.

Meanwhile, bureacrat Brahmins like Sukh Ram, Romesh Sharma, Rajiv Gandhi the `Bofors Brahmin', P.V.N.Rao and a whole host of other corrupt Pandits are extraordinarily skillful at making money disappear. The amount of money taken by the Central Government from Rajashtan each year, and the amount returned to it are grossly disproportionate, with the amount remitted to the State being a mere trickle.


In order to crush the non-Brahmins to the level of sub-humans, Pandit Nehru introduced a huge bureacracy under the guise of `employment generation'. Only Brahmins were allowed to reach the top of the hierarchy, whilst the general population was crushed beneath its staggering weight. This corruption is not a feature of `social decay', it is a result of deliberate neo-Kautilyan policies pursued by the Government. The overwhelming majority of corrupt officials are Brahmins, who indeed dominate the bureacracy.

Destruction of Rajput Monuments

Everywhere in Rajasthan, Rajput historical monuments are in advanced stages of decay. Thousands of buildings have disappeared, ostansibly for Brahmin `development' programs which in any case never succeed in providing jobs for Rajasthanis. The Archaeological Survey of India is of course lethargic when it comes to renovating and maintaining Rajput palaces, especially since those in control of the ASI are all Rajput-hating Brahmins.


With the ancient language virtually gone, and the very Rajput culture under threat, Rajput youth is rapidly losing its identity. Most young Rajputs are unaware of being Rajput. In fact they are taught to be ashamed of calling themselves Rajput, and are taught that their ancestors were `traitors', who supposedly `supported the Mughals'. They are taught that the Rajputs were `evil feudalists' who ostensibly `oppressed Sudras' and `murdered holy Brahmins'; in every single line of the school textbooks Rajput heritage is denigrated and maligned. Who writes these text-books ? Virtually all of them are authored by Brahmins, and the school boards are universally under Brahmin control. Not only is Rajput civilization being slowly destroyed, but the very minds of the Rajputs are being corrupted by Brahmin mind-poison. The result has been the most fatal tuberculosis of the Rajput and Saka races.

The only cure for this vile disease is Independance. As long as the Rajput race remains under the yoke of the Brahmins, that race shall eventually become a race of sub-humans, eventually disappearing from the map, just like the countless other races exterminated by the Brahmins.

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